Our Agents: Greg Aldridge

I'm different from other real estate professionals because of my roots, work ethic, and personality. I've spent years remodeling houses, doing work in construction, and dealing in property. I understand what makes one house look great and another so, so. I can offer opinions to help you get that top dollar for your house you can trust; not because I read it in a home and garden magazine but because I've done it. I will use all of my experiences in these fields to enhance your real estate transaction and ensure a great buying or selling experience that you are happy with.
In many cases real estate can be strenuous. Most people go years between buying and selling property, and it's a big deal to most everyone so it should not be treated like just another transaction. In every case I try to make sure my clients are comfortable with the process and understand it as fully as possible. I've been described in the past as "too honest" in matters, something I would argue virtually impossible. In every case I'll do my best to be honest, attentive, and give you all the services and advice you want to get the best deal possible.



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Mobile: 715-379-6414
Email: Greg@aldridgeonsite.com